Catch it before you get caught .. the art of monitoring : part-1 : Introduction

When you live in London, it’s a fact of life that you will be ‘caught on camera’ up to 100 times a day. Though most  of this ‘monitoring’ is for security purpose, London is indeed the capital of CCTV :-).
So when it comes to your production environments of websphere, what do you monitor and what will you catch for alerting?
This is just an introduction to what to expect in this series….
It is a fundamental understanding that WebSphere platform is based on Java standards and uses Java Virtual Machine is for its operation. Also WebSphere products will run on Operating systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows, Zo/s etc..  By reading the previous statement, you will get an idea that you should be monitoring ‘Operating System’, ‘Java’ and WebSphere related parameters and their working.
note: As usual all my articles are notes, not a full tutorial or documents. So my notes would give you an idea of what you need to do but not what you should do.